Private Office


Confidentiality & Focus


A closed private office space environment is the perfect location for working in a focused manner, as well as carrying out decision making or holding confidential meetings. Work efficiently behind closed doors, be it full-time or part-time, we have many options available.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in coworking: the sentiment of working around people, with the perfect amount of privacy.

Starting From: $375/month

Dedicated and Hot Desks


My own space with community sense


A premium sized and beautifully designed desk area  is the way to go if you are not ready for an office just yet.
Dedicated office desks are a plus if you prefer to use bigger monitors, have paper intensive operation, or need a bigger desk to get work properly done.
At Touchdown Coworking Space dedicated office desks have plenty of storage space for your materials, computers, cables etc, so that you have a proper and spacious work surface.

Starting From: $250/month

Coworking Hot Space


Progressive working environment


One of the most popular choices! Come in and pick a spot and enjoy our most amazing collaborative area. If you have ever chosen to work out of a coffee shop, library or anything in between, coworking is the right choice for you.
The advantage of working out of a coworking space instead of other places is you’ll be more productive. Coworking spaces offer the perfect atmosphere for you to get work done!

Starting From: $10/month

Business Address


Begin, Progress, Success


Virtual offices are a great way to get started with your business and is certainly the most flexible option. You work from home or be a digital nomad, take that world tour you wanted, or just be a remote worker! Anywhere you want to be, we’ll take care of things for you here! Be anywhere you want but maintain a strong physical presence in a location of your choice.
Put your business on Google Maps and keep your home address private. So many are the possibilities of a Virtual Office service!

Starting From: $25/month