Can I setup a monitor or second screen?

If you are a  full time member then yes, you can do whatever you want with your space.  We do not allow for second monitors in our shared open space. For members wanting to setup a second monitor they would need to consider a full time dedicated desk or private office.

When can I move in?

Right now! Just sign an agreement and fire up your laptop.

What's the termination policy?

Just provide 30 days written notice. For example, if you’d like to end your membership at the end of October, you must provide your written notice no later than October 1st. That’s all there is to it. Fair and transparent.

What kind of events do you host for members?

We everything from Facebook Ads workshops to Accounting and Startup Funding.  Our events our designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and deliver actionable ideas.  We even sponsor periodic happy hours, breakfasts and lunches so you can get to know your neighbours.

Are there hidden fees?

None whatsoever.  We pride ourselves on being a dedicated partners in the growth of your business and will never nickel and dime you with hidden fees.

What does a private office include?


Your office includes a desk, chairs and one storage unit. For some, that’s all they need. You’re also welcome to bring in additional or alternate furniture. Let us know if you intend to make changes to the setup and we’ll help make it happen.



Your office has both hard-wired (ethernet) connections along with access to WiFi.



Your office comes with unlimited meeting room time – within reason.



Connect with other members in person or through our online community. Ask questions, share stories, announce product launches and other good news, invite others to events, promote your job listings or simply find someone to grab a beer with. It’s a great way to start meaningful relationships with creative entrepreneurs and business leaders.



Touchdown has a multi-function copier/scanner/printer that can be used for printing at no extra cost.



Your membership fee includes both tax and utilities.

What's nearby? Can I do my dry cleaning, grab lunch or run errands?

Touchdown is located directly across from the Oakville Entertainment Centrum, with lots of restaurants, hotels and entertainment, giving you easy access to work and play.  Located a short drive of 5-minutes is Ridgeway Crossing with lots of local shopping and amenities, you can grab groceries, dry cleaning and more!

Is coworking a better alternative than traditional office space?

We definitely think so!  Here’s a few reasons why:


Affordable & Flexible– Lose the long-term lease that eats up your cash flow. Our plans are month-month, so you can keep your overhead low and invest more in your business.

Scalable– Only pay for the space you need. Need to upgrade or downgrade? Not a problem.


Hassle-Free – Don’t worry about who’s ordering more coffee or setting up the Internet. All of that is included in your monthly rent, so you can focus your time and energy on what matters to your business.


Grow Your Client Roster Without Leaving – Client acquisition starts here as you’ll share the space with other businesses and startups looking to grow. Coworking is the new networking! Tough to do from your own office/home office, and a lot less expensive.

What is the average square footage of an office?

The average private office space is 125 sq feet.  Our offices range from 100 sq ft to 150+ sq ft. If you require a larger office space, we can easily accommodate by combining two or more offices.

Does Touchdown provide parking?

Yes, all parking is free!  Our building offers enough free parking for your entire team!  We stopped counting the available spots around 600.

Can I have team-members come to work with me?

Yes!  At Touchdown we do not charge you by the amount of people working in your office, but rather we charge you for the space, what you choose to do with the space is up to you.

What type of privacy and security do you offer?

All of our offices have lockable doors & a lockable desk.  Our office space is also equipped with a 24/7 camera system that can capture all angles of our office space.  In addition the main doors to our office and building are only accessible after business hours with dedicated key access.

We will provide you with the access you need to ensure your business is able to operate securely 24/7.

Can I personalize my space?

Absolutely!  Any private office or dedicated desk full-time membership can be fully personalized to make your space feel like a permanent home for your business.

Do you offer month-to-month membership?

Yes, all of our memberships are month-month with no long term commitments.  If you are looking for a long term commitment, please contact us to discuss options.