Why hands-on learning?

Covid-19 has caught us by surprise and we, parents, are super worried about creating fun activities to our kids while not letting them down on supporting the development of their skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

With all the social distancing, gathering resources to make life fun at home has made this challenge seemingly impossible to accomplish, but hold on… We’ve got a great option AND SOLUTION for you!

Thinking about all this, your time, the current challenges and kids learning needs, Just 4 Kids and Me, a Toronto based start-up, provides you with what you need the most now: convenient and fun activities that focus on kids problem solving, creativity, planning and sensory skills, while keeping us from going shopping. This all comes in a box, delivered to your door.

I got my kids a few of the boxes, and they keep begging me for more!

Additionally, learn more about the importance of “Hands-on Learning” in the article below, kindly provided to us by Just 4 Kids and Me.


Remember that time when your parents found you covered in mud? Yes, they were a bit upset. But! Do you remember that feeling of excitement and happiness, yet calmness and peace when you were discovering new and new ways of using that mud? Guess what, finally children’s psychologists proved that you were right!

What exactly is Hands-On learning, and why is it important?

  1. It builds nerve connections in the brain that, in turn, enables your child to complete more complex learning tasks.
  2. It supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills and social interaction.
  3. Enhances memory.
  4. Allows kids to learn different sensory attributes- hot, cold, sticky, dry, wet, etc. in the most effective way possible- hands-on!
  5. Calms kids who are anxious or frustrated, gives children a sense of control, let them focus on their feelings.

We love that Just4Kids And Me kits provide an incredible Hands-On learning experience with everything your children need to explore, learn, observe and experiment in a fun, safe way!

As parents, we get busy-adult part of you too! YouTube research, Pinterest scrolling for ideas, trying to remember what materials you have at home, which closet might hide them. A run to a few stores to pick up what you need, Amazon order that will only sell in bulk that one piece you need. By the time you did all of that, you are already tired, right? Then you imagine how much energy and time you will spend for cleanup after the play is done …and …well you know the feeling.

This is exactly what inspired us to create Just4Kids And Me. We have been there! We also read tons of parenting resources on how play, projects, and experiments are important. Then, when reality hits with all the other chores you need to do as a parent, very little time is left for play.

We want to give you TIME. The time that will be saved from gathering materials and ideas. The time that will be freed from cleanups. The time that you can use to play with your kid! Time to bond, laugh, relax, enjoy and cherish this little sweet, silly and so important time spent together!

Save your time and effort, get an activity kit or a box now.